CCTV Secure Surveillance & Access Control Systems

“What you’re really looking for in a office/home security system is the assurance that your office, your employees , your home, your family, and your life are secure, even when you’re not around. What makes one office/home security system the best option for you depends on your wants and needs. We have a reputation and resources you can rely on, and we’re dedicated to providing you the highest quality customer experience before, during, and after service.”

Finger Print Access


Fingerprint security systems are a good option for companies to put into place because they tend to be difficult to hack, as there is not a password or any sort of data to input. Rather, fingerprint security systems utilize biometric technology.

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Vandal Resistant Dome


When it comes to indoor or outdoor surveillance, the vandal dome cameras from Gad Group are a perfect choice. These high-quality cameras have IK10 vandal resistance which is the top most mechanical protection in the surveillance industry. The Gad Group also feature IP67 weatherproof protection and can combat unpleasant weather conditions. They have outstanding 4K video resolution.


Monitoring the Screen


Are you worried about the security of your premises after hours? Are you wanting to make the most out of your CCTV system?
Remote monitoring may be the solution you’re searching for.

This surveillance method sends the images from your cameras to remote monitoring stations that are full of professionals dedicated to detecting suspicious activities at your site.


The trackers have many functions such as SOS alarm, real-time tracking and voice monitoring ,two way common and durability. The tracker is very portable enabling you yo move your tracker from car to car. If your vehicle is stolen you track location.

Latest Device

Concox Gps Vehicle tracker

The Concos Gps Vehicle Tracker can help you locate your vehicle including cars, trucks and buses.

Computers , Televisions and Smart Phones

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Smart Tvs


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Smart Phones & Tablets


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