Aiphone GTV-DES202B 2×2 Modular Video Entrance Station Kit


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Aiphone GTV-DES202B is a modular intercom kit featuring four modules with their appropriate face panels: GT-VB Camera Module for visual communications, GT-DB Audio Module for audio communications, GT-NSB Display Module for selecting an extension, and GT-10K Keypad Module for entering codes. The package includes a 2×2 back box and frame for flush-mounting the intercom.

The four modules create a unified intercom with video and audio capability for secure door entry control in apartments and offices. Aiphone GT-VB is a module with wide-angle camera that uses a professional CMOS sensor for visual recognition of visitors. Aiphone GT-DB is a full-duplex intercom module for audio communications. It has one button for calling. GT-NSB has a familiar display and button layout, letting visitors select an extension from a directory. GT-10K is a classic keypad for dialing numbers.

Aiphone GTV-DES202B Entrance Panel Bundle Package Contents:

  • Aiphone GT-VB Video Module
  • Aiphone GT-VP Video Module Panel
  • Aiphone GT-DB Audio Module
  • Aiphone GT-DBP Audio Module Panel
  • Aiphone GT-NSB Display Module
  • Aiphone GT-NSP-L Display Module Panel
  • Aiphone GT-10K Keypad Module
  • Aiphone GT-10KP Keypad Module Panel
  • Aiphone GF-4B 1×4 Module Back Box
  • Aiphone GF-4F 1×4 Module Frame


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